Hey everybody, Brian here! Well I guess you’re wondering why I chose to add the name photography to my website but clearly has nothing to do with shooting beautiful pictures.

The truth is that I had originally planned to do just that, but unfortunately for me my entire hard drive’s contents were stolen along with my pride and joy Mac.

Sure that I have backed up my data? Of course! But hindsight is a great thing, and since I already had purchased I decided to hell with it why not just use it anyway for my upcoming blog which luckily for you you seem to have landed on otherwise you would not be reading this!

Well what will you find on briankeithphotography then I hear you say? The answer is simple - a collection of one produced by myself and myself only which will give you an insight into some of the things that both interest me and have crossed my eye on my travels.

You will find the links to the subject which I am talking about in the footer area below, but before you begin searching through these let me just give you a little background information about myself.

I am a professional landscape by trade, dealing in high-end jobs and clients. While the money is good and I am completely content with my life I don’t want to just come home and waste every evening by watching TV or reading a book.

Instead I like to be proactive and productive with my life and born out of this was a need to develop from scratch! (Well as I said it did start off as a plan to upload some of my favourite photos from a collection, but alas it was not to be!)

Anyway getting back on track, why not check out what we had to offer below now!

Files Recovery With The Eccouponcode Mackeeper Coupon
Added Entry On October 8th 2015
Having accidentally deleted an Excel file that I had spent months working on I found myself frantically searching for a solution that would be able to reinstate file to the state that it was in prior to meet deleting it. This led to me discovering..

Silicone Babies Are Real Life Baby Dolls
Added Entry On October 8th 2015
Having discovered my first realistic and lifelike looking baby doll on the back of a magazine I knew that I had to have one. I now own that particular version which is what is known as..

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