Cannabis Seeds Kings - Does Arjan Roskam Rule?

Arjan Roskam aka “The King Of Cannabis” is the driving force behind greenhouse seeds and is commonly regarded as being the greatest influence within the marijuana seed industry. Creating some of the world’s greatest cannabis seeds takes years of knowledge and experience but also requires starting with the very best genetics in the first place.

Being able to find these genetics though is a job in itself, but one that Arjan and his trusted team has become experts in, and their expeditions to the likes of Colombia, India and Jamaica have proven to be so successful in their amazing line of cannabis strains at

In their latest quest to Colombia, Arjan who has been in the game since 1985 and basing his business from Amsterdam in Holland met up with “El Gato” – Arjan’s key Colombian contact.

Colombia is one of the most fertile places in the world to grow marijuana, yet growing on an industrial level is not allowed and the government regularly sends in army personnel to destroy any guerrilla grows that they come across. Of course Colombia has its other problems with dealing with cocaine and the cartels that deal with it, but this isn’t to say that marijuana growing is going below the radar.

When they visited El Gato as his secret plantation it seems to stretch for miles and could possibly be one of the largest plantations not only in Colombia when the entire of South America.

The winner of 38 cannabis cups, and the owner of one of the largest marijuana seed banks in the world, Arjan also spends his time “strain hunting” which has led him to Colombia and so many more mysterious mountainside marijuana grows.

One of our favourite strains from his cannabis seed bank is Great White Shark. Great White Shark gets its name because it literally jumps up and bites you in the ass when you’re least expecting it. A powerful hybrid cross between an indica and sativa cannabis strain it’s like nothing else you will ever experience.

Not being content with this particular strain and the hundreds of others like it that are loved by so many marijuanaseedsavings marijuana seed users around the world, Arjan and his team are constantly on the lookout for new wheat strains. Really they are the only guys who travel the world looking for the best cannabis strains which they can then bring back to their lab to test and formulate new better versions. Some of the areas that they visit are highly dangerous but all of the people controlling these areas have great respect for what he does and who he is.

In this particular grow operation of El Gato’s, he has more than 8000 cannabis plants growing producing more than 2000 kg of ready to sell pot every time he harvests (or 6 tons of weed every year). Now I don’t know about you but I don’t think this is for personal use, do you?

Franco Loja is Arjan’s trusted lieu tenant and is a former Italian army recruit. Having pitched the army in favour of this much more appealing lifestyle he has a knowledge of marijuana growing like no other. While Arjan is the face of the company, Franco is by far the most critical piece of the setup, for it’s his knowledge that brings these amazing weed strains to the market.

He claims and we have to agree with him that marijuana is a plant, but not only is it a singular plant - is also thousands of plants. We tend to agree since if you know cannabis there are barely any to strains that are the same, both in terms of taste, buzz, appearance, and in growing it.

El Gato and his Colombian friends have all left behind a life of gunning and running and settled in as marijuana growers. Although they are a are doing it on an industrial scale, we don’t see what is wrong with growing one of God’s most beautiful plants.

When it comes to harvest time all members of the family are called to lend a hand, with each one risking a lengthy jail sentence for being in the vicinity of such an innocent crop. All bud is harvested and packaged, while any leftover cannabis resin is broken down and turned into slab form. Just like in any walk of life nothing should be wasted.

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