The Eccouponcode Mackeeper Coupon Is Perfect For Files Recovery

Having accidentally deleted an Excel file that I had spent months working on I found myself frantically searching for a solution that would be able to reinstate file to the state that it was in prior to meet deleting it. This led to me discovering Mackeeper and more importantly the files recovery module within it. It’s ridiculous and if you press the X button in the top right corner of the screen when you use Excel as you would with any other program that it seems to close every instance of the software rather than just the once claimed that you are working on.

Having pressed the X button it quickly the obvious that I had made a mistake but I could not recover the files. So after reading about Mackeeper and the data recovery option within it I discovered that I could use a Mackeeper coupon code to reduce the price of what in all honestly was already a cheap enough software. Choosing to go with the six-month premium plan (since the standard and basic plans didn’t have the data recovery option included), I saved almost $15 since the Mackeeper coupon code that is displayed at eccouponcode gives you a 20% off. Since I use at prepaid credit card this was really helpful as I only had just about enough of the credit card to pay for Mackeeper anyway.

Just for the record data recovery option works as required and I was able to recover the file bisecting through some of the deleted XLS files. Not that it was an easy task however since none of the files and the correct name on them and they were just a random collection of digits that they had to go to manually one by one in order to find and recover my files. With this isn’t a problem with Mackeeper specifically since my brother who doesn’t own and Mac, but instead calls on windows seven operating system use different software and he too had to manually go to each of the files in order to recover some files or folders that he deleted accidentally.

Thinking that that would be that and that Mackeeper had served its purpose I happily shut my Mac down and went to bed. It wasn’t until a few days later that I began to explore Mackeeper once again with the thoughts in my head that it has already done its job and so if I felt anything else interesting then that would be a bonus.

Well to say I was surprised would be an understatement. Some of the extra modules that are included with Mackeeper really amazed me and I was beginning to thank my lucky stars that I had installed it on my MacBook Pro by using a Mackeeper coupon code. Of the many modules that I could choose to use the ones that stood out to me the most were the data encryptor module which I use almost immediately to encrypt and lock the file that I had been working on behind the password so that nobody else would be able to access it, and I even was able to upload the file to the Mackeeper cloud as a backup in case anything went wrong again.

Some of the modules on offer from the Kromtech software I have not gotten around to using yet. But these features such as the antitheft feature and the option to clean up disk space automatically at a given time really will come in helpful at some stage if I ever need them.

Perhaps the most important feature of all that I have found myself using on a daily basis is the antivirus feature itself. Many people seem to think that Mackeeper is only antivirus software but really it is like a Swiss army knife for your Mac that I don’t think could get any better even if it could.

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