Buying Horse Saddles For Your Loved Ones

Buying your daughter a horse is one of the best presents any father can give. Every little girl dreams of owning her own horse. While the vast majority can continue one dreaming at best, other more lucky little girls are sometimes treated with either a pony or a horse as a special way of saying I love you. It could be on their birthday, for Christmas or for any other big occasion, but you can’t just give a horse to a little girl and expect her to know how to look after it.

There is no way that she is going to know how to saddle up for a new friend or where the stirrups and cinches connect. This is why, if you are planning on buying a horse for your child, you are the one that needs to know all of this information before making an irrational decision that you might later regret.

So to keep things simple we will only speak about the need to buy a saddle that fits your horse. The rest of the information you can pick up yourself, but since this is perhaps the most important part of the whole setup that you need to know we will explain it in great detail here.

You are going to need to know what style saddles for sale you need to be looking out for. There are many styles to choose from but for a young girl who is only beginning her horse riding adventures then an English saddle is the best choice. Don’t be alarmed if a new English saddle that you have purchased comes with a thin white fill of tallow when you first open the packaging. This is just the natural fats and oils that leather excretes and can easily be wiped away before getting to work the next stage. Although we say that you can wipe the tallow away, you really should do everything that you can to just ignore that it is there as it helps protect the leather on the saddle and will sooner or later dry back in.

The cinch is the wide strap that runs below the horse’s stomach and is used for securing the saddle in place and the horse’s back. As the horse that you are getting a young girl will probably be quite small then you won’t need to buy a saddle that is the size that a full-grown adult would use. For this reason the cinch will more than likely also be smaller than what we are usually used to dealing with, but the process of attaching it to the buckle will still be the same. Just allow it to fall down between the horse’s withers and reach around and attach the open end to the buckle. After this the stirrups can be attached to the saddle and you are almost there.

Nobody will be able to ride the horse at this stage since you will not have attached the reigns yet. These can be attached to the horse’s nose band and if you need to stop the horse from getting distracted by any thing that moves then you can fit some eye blinkers and the nose band will also collect sweat that the horse will excrete as it trots or canters.

You will have to make a judgement call yourself on whether or not the saddle for sale that you have chosen is up to the task of taking your little loved one on a world of adventures. If you don’t think that it is then don’t hesitate to replace it with a better or more suitable version. The last thing you want to do is put your child’s life at risk simply because you didn’t choose the correct saddle from the huge range of saddles for sale.

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